Thursday, October 30, 2008


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Basically,its a pirate girl!FABBY,NO?


Ive added a chatbox!

My list.

OK here's the promised list!

1.A stardollar a day
2.The starplaza
3.10 rooms/4
4.DIY stuff
6.Rotating objects
7.Gorge hotbuys!
8.20 million members/20 stardollars.
9.Starpoint package,except that it WAS nice to get money.
10.Updates mailbox-my lifesaver!
11.Given us SOME gorge clothes.

That's all I can think of but there may be more.I'm not gonna even try to list all the bad things!

Have anymore ideas!
Post a comment or mail me at

My special mail address for this blog!


Is it just me or has stardoll been very boring recently,except outside of it,in blogs ETC.

Yeah Miss burnbooks made a "comeback" writing mean things about UndamyUmbrella aka. Kasia.
If youre not interested in that,youre pretty bored.
But this is not the main reason for this post.
I gonna list all the GOOD stuff has done for us over the ...lets say...past year...

To celebrate my one year on sd.

2007-11-19 was when I joined.

But I would actually say 1 year now,since I played a bit before I joined...


Next post I will list some of sd's good stuff.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Todays outfit.

Only 29 dollars

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Im back!!!

I'm back from Italy carrying 3 silver and 3 bronze,cause the day before my finals I sprained my toe...GRR!
Anyways,loads has been happening on stardoll,which I wont bother to post,its all old,and you can check it all up in other blogs,

See the side list.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Lol,I couldnt help messlf!


I'm first so far with this and its cool!Scenaries are changed,way cooler!

Look at the buttons!But now there is a limit to sceanries!

Something is -a-creeping!

Something is a wronging!

Me is not good at old fashioned talkes|

Our Little stardolly widgets is messed up!

Mine,Laura's and loads other layered clothes are messed up!


Oh my fxing god!How gorge are these!Thank you thank you!

1 Coat.Just...Lovely!8/10
2 Boots.Too bright but still cute!5/10
3 Pumps.Cuteiie!6/10
4 Bag.The checks!The colour the vibrancy...sorry Ive gone mad with joy!9/10
5 Dress.Me loves.Me absolutely loves!9/10
6 Necklace.OK,my least fav.4/10
7 Eyelashes.What, we already have some but they are nicely fanned out!5/10
8 Tee.Too bright,its the fake right!6/10
9 Skirt.For fxs sake Im in love!10/10
10 Gloves.Deffo buying!9/10

Score! 71/100!Notbad,lets just hope theyll be cheap too!

Steelones first artical.

This ladies and gents,is Steelones first FAb artical!Read it here!its great,and interesting!10/10!

Its off stardoll fashion forward and the link is in the side bar!Read more there!

It’s Steelone again! This is going to be my first article, and I wanted to talk about a possible relation between the Hot Trends for Fall… and the Hotbuys clothing in the Hotbuys doll.

Most of you probably linked these concepts fastly. But before the Hot Trends for Fall picture, I was worried of the fact of having to dream with getting the adorable clothing which wasn’t released yet with the rest of HB’s. Actually that clothing will be released with all the themes that Stardoll chose with that pic! xLou26 and me thought that it could be by this way:

- The brown bag will be released with the Feathered/Boho Glam Trend.

- The silvered skirt and the white mini-dress will be released with the Future Couture Trend.

- The big and colorfull trench will released with the Pattern/Checked Trend.

- Most of the jewerlly will be released with the released with the Statement Jewerlly Trend.

- The biggest bag and the pink skirt will be released with the Checkered Trend.

- That lovely pair of peacock feather earrings will be published with the Feathered Trend.

And so with the rest of clothing! So, if you didn’t think about it still, just relax and be patient… We probably will get the HB clothing. And if not, I (the whole Stardoll) will be mad :D


Wow 50 posts in less than a month!
More than 200 views and more counting!

btw:half of those posts are crap so theres no need for a party/hits party/posts party.


Hey look!
Stardoll has changed a section!I'm leaving for Italy tomorrow so I wont be talking,so bye!

Sunday, October 19, 2008


Thanks to -cooldude for this!
Look sd has taken away Irish payments!GRRRR!
Luckliy -cooldude explains who do get it back on gossip-stardoll.

Todays flipping borinoutfit.

How crap does this look.
Bad outfit (I'm having stardollers block)My medoll looks crap with no makeup and I will do another later on cause this is just bad!

Saturday, October 18, 2008


Wow!how many tights does stardoll have,yet I can never find a nice pair!
Now save this picture on to your PC or Mac and use it as a reference guide to tights1Never be stuck for tights again.
And that JUST the tights!Leggings aren't thereOnly 54 the lot stardoll does have wicked tights,like the voile hotbuys pantyhose.I also recommend a fudge bright pantyhose,as they are only 3.

Purpley Stardolly.

Has stardoll made everything purple!Look,Twiggys ear is purple and Dodas gloves are a weird colour inside!

Starlife mag!

It really rules!
My second fav blogger Rhiann helped in it and did an awsome artical too!

Office looks!

Only 133 the lot!If you re going for a stardoll club/office meeting choose from this great bunch of office shirts and skirts!There's not even any trousers or suits in it.


Only 54 the lot!


Including DKNY Christain Dior and More!
Only 65 the lot!
Orange never goes wrong on tanned or pale!

Essential Designer.

Christian Dior,Vivienne Tam,DKNY all for 49 stardollars!


Only 38 including the dress!


Coats you need to have!
Only 62 dollars altogether!
Superstars need to have at least one!

Todays outfit.

Inspired by Claire and Emma of SardollnewsFlash.
A sort of halloween nerd look you could say and only costs 30 dollars!


My sources tell me (OK its the fab-u-lous chic diaries see link in side bar)that Oslenkate has left stardoll!According to chic diaries she will create another account and I'm afraid they are right!
Shes a well known hacker/scammer/meanie and I say good riddance.but unfortunately she will come back under a different account name and hack all over again.Chic Diaries was the first to report so I give them credit for , like half of all of this gossip!

Friday, October 17, 2008

The next teen style (teehee)

Create Fake Magazine Covers with your own picture at


click to enlarge.



Shoes Oh Shoes

Shoes oh shoes!All of these shoes-including the mega-cute playsuit is 56.
Thats 50 worth of shoes,but then you can narrow it down.Get them everywhere.Every superstar needs to have atleast 2 pairs of these!

Todays outfit

I think Ill do a Todays Outfit Inspired by Claire and Emma from Stardoll Newsflash.
Yes?No?Ill do one anyways!
Only 34 dollars including glasses!
Shoes-5 or use Laboutins-5



Wooh!76 hits!
Im not sure if that counts my own but...!
Hope Laura will reply to me and say YES!
Will I have 100 hits party.
Someone else throw one.

I like my money where I can see it...hanging in my closet."

Carrie Bradshaw

A lil quote.

Thats what I see when I visit my suite!

Money (2.50 E ) spent on stardoll with virtual clothes.

There it is hanging in my medolls closets.

Yawn.Its 20.06 and im bored thats why im postings this crap.


How on earth can you people do this.
Dark red is the new black and french manicures are soo summer 2008.


Too tiny to see?Click to enlarge.
Looks like kiddliewinks are getting their knick nacks in a twist because of HSM3.
Hot finds - guess what...
Vannessa Hudgens 2 Ashley Tidsdale 2 Vannessa Hudgens 3

Fail.Lifeonsd covers it all!

No.1 Statement Jewels.Cute,but def not a trend I'd me seen - dead - in. 5/10
No.2 Lace.Cute trend.Ugly dress.Nough said. Dress 0/10 Trend 4/10
No.3 Checks.Cute I love checks but not great ON me or my medoll.Hope stardoll releases the dress.6/10
No.4 Feathers.Eugh!Animals.Eugh stardoll!Hope they DON'T release that coat.0/10
No.5 Pattern.One word.YUCK!0/10
No.6 Knitted.Maybe where the (ugly) Hotbuys sweater came from?Okish.7/10
No.7 Velvet.Ok!Id be seen in it and the sweater looks nice.Pity velvets rough!7/10
No.8 Studs.Cute studs.Yuck shoes.6/10
No.9 Future couture.Hmm,nice idea not so nice on you.5/10
No.10 Boho Deluxe.Cute enough.not much to say.7/10.


Some of the new hotbuys.
Not pictured:Jacket,Headwear,Fendi clutch and Sweater.

Yeah I know its old news...

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Check this out!


What on earth/
Since when has PRINCESS become a nonsuperstar?

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Fanny Pak

WOW what a cowinkydink.
Fanny Pak!On Stardoll.
And an ad right beside them offering for you to read their chat.Live.
Ugly!Cute too though!
It looks like a CHEAP copy to me!